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    Looking at anoter XPL for sale few questions ASAP!

    Hi All,

    Im looking at another XPL for a mate within the next day...

    Issue is apparently the DESS lanyard has dropped its program for the ski. All the dealers around here are flat out according to the seller and he doesnt have time to get it repaired. Ive got a mechanic that can do it if i buy it.

    How can I check if the ski is ok? Is there a way to tell if it is the dess key and not something else?

    Could I unplug the MPEM from my ski (99 XPL) and take my lanyard and MPEM and plug it into this ski and see if it work (98 XPL)

    When he connects the DESS apparently he gets NO beep or beeps.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    Will it crank? Mine is a "sometimer." Sometimes it beeps and some times it doesn't. Runs great either way.

    Have you tried using a pencil eraser on the lanyard? could be dirty!

    Soap and water is also good
    Also could be something simple like a loose wire or a bad ground...might check it out.

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    No ONE IS Flat out.... and if it doesnt run and cant be ridden consider it the same as a blown engine that could have problems in all sub assemblys. If he wont take the time he doesnt want to sell it. I work at a dealer in Florida and no one is busy even here

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    Yeah im guessing he cant be stuffed getting it looked at.

    Over here in Australia it is rather hectic at all the boat shops i will admit.

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    Just sent Krunch a PM hopefully he'll be able to point me in the right direction.

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    i doubt your mpem will work on a 98 as they dont have TPS and 99's do. good theory but i wouldn't run it with that mpem.

    you could however jump the starter terminals to get it to turn over and run a compression test but it won't run.

    i agree with PEST. treat it as a blown engine or mpem.

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    Can you inform me how to jump the starter terminals so I can run a compression test?

    Thats why I want it to turn over so i can run a comp test.

    Thing is its $1,000 cheaper than any other ski on the market and is the only one within 1000 kilometres of me that were interested in

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    to jump the starter terminals, connect to battery like normal. under the hood on the starbroad side of the boat up front is a black box that the spark plug wires come out of. open the box up. pull the spark plugs out and get your compression tester set up. in that box is a soleinoid that has two terminals, one on each side, with red wires connected. take a screw driver or pliers or something metal and jump the two terminals. this will supply the starter with power and in turn, turn the motor over allowing you to run the test. be prepared for sparks when you do this though.

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    PM reply sent.

    I forgot to mention that the DESS post could be bad. As with the having no key, you should still be able to turn the boat on with just the starter button even if the DESS post is bad.

    Bunkerking gave a good description on jumping the solonoid so you should be able to test the comp.

    My guess is that it either has a bad/dead battery or the guy is trying to pull a fast one (ie, lying his arse off).

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    Thanks for that mibunkerking.

    Perhaps If i can get it to turn over and get a good compression reading with my battery we should buy it.

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