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    Fair asking price for '08 Ultra 250X

    Been reading the forums for quite a bit before I actually joined here a while ago, great information on here that's helped me out quite a bit.

    Trying to convince the wife that we "need" to upgrade to a 260X, and so I'll be selling my 250X and was just wondering what a good price point for it would be. It's a '08 with 27 hrs on it. It's in great shape, no scratches, dings or anything on the hull(wipe it down everytime on water and wax it every couple of weeks or so), and mechanically maintained according to my factory service manual. It has the balance of the extended factory warranty(which I think runs out in 10-2012), factory cover, and single place Yacht Club trailer which is also in great shape. I know NADA says value is $6520-$7395, low to average retail, but I was just wondering if the extended warranty is a factor in what I should ask for it, and if so, what would be a good asking price. Thanks in advance!

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    wait till spring to sell. you'll get a better price when people get anxious to get out on the water and by then hopefully the economy will be doing better that people will have money to spend. Oh and $7500-7800 would be a fair asking price w/ trailer and all that other stuff if the market in your area is good, but typically skis dont sell for anywhere near that on GH because people here know what a used ski is worth. Just my .02, hope it helps

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    Thanks! That helps alot! I think you're right, I'll have better luck in the spring when people start getting the itch to be outside again. I was thinking of asking around $8000 for it, so you confirmed that I am going to ask a reasonable price.

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    I believe deals can be found on brand new left over 08 for around $8,500. Just depends on alot of things. With those low hours I would just keep it.
    Sorry I know keeping it is not as exciting as a new one but why do you want to sell with such low hours and good shape?

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