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    Supercharger stock outlet hose

    On a stock ski how do you go about removing the outlet hose? (We are having a practise run to make sure we can get the SC on and off before we order the metal washers)

    The clamp looks like you have to replace it with a new one to re-attach the hose?

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    are you talking about the elbow to the TB? Those are oiteker clamps, just get under the tab with a small screw driver and pop them undone, replace with stainless hose clamps and your good to go.
    You could always just remove the one on the TB and leave the hose attached to the SC...PR...

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    damn~dont have any stainless clamps to replace them with! they are both the wierd type. looks like i wont get to use my new spanners thanks pr.

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    zip over the a marine store or harware store and get the screw clamp type...PR...

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    Its too late now~everything closes at 5 here on a sunday~theres always tomorrow! lol

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    no one is promised tommorow.....ahahh

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