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    951 carb accelerator pump

    I rebuilt my 99gtx this past summer. Along with the rebuild process I also replaced all the fuel lines, rebuilt the fuel baffle and rebuilt the carbs etc.
    When I got it running, it ran great...still does, but it has a hesitation in the throttle. I deduced that the accelerator pump was not working properly, sooooooo I opened it up and sure enough the diaphram is damaged...only thing is the diaphram is not square like all the others that I have worked on, it is round. Really, I am not making this up!! I cannot find one anywhere. Has anyone seen this before and where can I get one???

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    I have not had one apart in forever but it looks kind of square around the edges to me (number 63).

    Not that it helps you find one.

    Here is the Hot Products catalog page with the part number (#77 on the BN-46i carb list). Theoretically you can order it from anyone who sells out of the catalog.

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