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    Please help deciding on the new Sea Doo.

    Hi guys,
    I am new to ski and I already read all about the reliability issues with the Supercharge on the RXP RXT etc models. My budget is between 6000-9000$ to buy a used or new 3 seater sk i. It`s hard to decide on buying a new or used with low hours 50 or lower and 2007+ as year. I want something stock, no more than 155hp and to be RELIABLE. I don't want to put any money in it other than the oil and filter for at least 500 +hours( basically some rock solid)

    1. 2007-2009: GTI 130 vs GTI SE 155 vs GTX 155(without SP) Please tell me what would you choose and why?
    2. I want the owners of those models to tell me the issues with them.
    3. I read that Sea Doo have some problem with tunnels cracking please let me know if this applies to these models as well.
    4. How much would you pay for a new 2008, 2009 out of the door.
    5. Should I go with Yamaha models are they more reliable than these Sea Doo?

    Thank you in advance for your responses.

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    Id go with the 155hp. little more power and just as reliable. I have the 155hp in my sportster 150 and its a bullit proof motor. Also the superchargers are alot more reliable in the 2008+ ski as the 2008 chargers have been upgraded but youll need to rebuild every 100hrs. I think out of the skis you listed youll like the gtx 155hp. pluse the gtx 155 will be way under your 9000 budget.

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