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    96 slt 780 ignition

    i just replaced the stater and wiring to my 96 slt780. The p.o. was riding when the harness shorted out. I checked the wires per the manual, checked the coils and replaced both fuses in the electrical box. I still have no spark. Am i wright to think the cdi box is bad? where else should i look??

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    well thats it. I took the one off my 97 780slt and she fired rate up. Now i have to wait till spring!!!!!

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    Glad you found it.

    When all else tests good, you need to try a different CDI.

    There's no test for the CDI. Just process of elimination.

    Make sure you have the plastic cover between the battery and the elec box in place to prevent another possible short. Also make certain the the ground is clean and tight

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