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    1992 vxr Barbie ski newbie question

    Total newbie alert. I bought a tragic 1992 Barbie pink VXR 650 with a lot of problems. I have only 4-stroke big block/small block experience.

    Here is the scoop:
    • Heat sensor was missing and looks like it got really hot
    • 60 PSI exactly on both cylinders
    • Intermediate shaft bearing oiler was broken off. Bearing failed and ejected into the shield.
    Couple of questions. The head is brown. Is it possible the head got warped or blew out the gasket instead of the whole engine being bad? How can you eliminate the head (I don’t think you can do a leak-down test on 2 strokes)? I put oil on the piston top and still got 60 PSI.

    Could it be the bearing slowing down the cranking? Or is it always a “top end kit” for this condition?

    Can I just replace the std. bore pistons or do you always have to bore it up?
    Any input is welcome!

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    Man o man.....I would say get out the checkbook. I would pull the head and look inside the bores to see what you can see in there. If it got that hot, it's possible that is has crank bearing damage on and on. It maybe easier to just get a used 701 and install it in there. You can bore/hone and put a top end on it if needed however, the crank is likely shot if it got that hot. I would get out the 10, 12's and a few beers and yank that engine out to see what's going on in there.


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    Mpeavler thanks for the reply. I know I can buy a new motor as you can't sneeze without hitting a 6m6 motor. But really didn't want to transplant unless it was hopeless. Probably Bore/Core if it comes down to that. But really it is just the head that is burned looking. The block has no discoloration at all.

    Isn't there anything I can do to check this before I pull the head and bore-gauge it? Will it be out-of-round if it needs boring?

    On a big engine I would put a leakdown test on it to see where the air was coming out.

    How can I elliminate a slow craking speed?

    Just don't want to pull this motor out yet this year. Still hot out.


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    It's a 40 minute job to pull th engine and if your going to need a top end, it's easier to pull the engine to do this anyways. The slow cranking could be anything from bad starter, bad power connectors, low battery, pump draging, bearings on the crank bad, rust in cylinders etc....first thing to do is remove that head and look inside to see what's going on. You should have about 150psi compression on the engine when cold.


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    Was just hoping for better diagnostics before I get out the wrenches. As I get older I have found research works better than enthusiasm.

    I am going to pull the intermediate shaft tomorrow and make one more crank attempt. If that doesn't work I may pull the head first just so I can see and order parts if necessary.

    Thanks for the input!

    I have a pretty short time line (the wife isn't happy about this pink monster) so I may try to find a descent 650 mill to replace and work on the top-end kit when it gets cold here. (still hitting 85 today and tired of the heat!)

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    as MP said pull it out(IMT,you'll have to anyway),THEN strip it compleatly... that 60 lbs is prob tops!!.. that said, a bore will cost you about 30-40 a hole.(have your shop figure what you need in size then have them 'fit' it... ) get the head checked for streightness along with the cylinder top..(Now is a good time to mill the stocker for a little more psi ) only after you determine whats wrong condem that engine to scrap or core value.. Remember you will still have to find out what killed this motor,before you transplant another.. the piston kits can be bought for about 200. on ebay and figure another 60 or so for a gasket/seal set and about 30-40 total for wrist pin/end you have totaly pulled this apart(hopefully) check the crank out before sending or buyin anything ...
    Yes, you may be able to find a good motor for a few hundred (about the same costs as a rebuild, Imo..), but.... if you intend to keep it,do the build... you'll know what you have at the start, and the ins and outs of these engines better....we can help you thru this build.. its a simple thing compaired to a 4 cycle..

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    id pull the head 1st it might just be a gasket
    looks like it got really hot
    prob need to have the head checked for warpage and a good time to have it decked for a little more comp.

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    I agree with all the input you've received about the possible rebuild. As far as the heat goes, it looks to me, from the pics you provided, that someone might have changed the head and headbolt colors with a good old rattle can in the color gold or bronze. If it got hot enought to change the yamaha grey paint to gold, it should have caught the little vxr on fire! Good luck with your "project". I'm glad to see another old yammi, being resurrected!

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