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    Stripped PTO spline 95 GTX

    Hi, I have stripped my PTO Spline and drive shaft, for a temp fix I drilled through them both and put a 1/4" bolt through acting as a shear bolt. I am wondering if anyone else has done this. It will probably snap the end off the shaft. I need it to run for christmas then i can rebuild the jet unit/drive shaft.

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    I have not personally done one but I have seen one done with a grade 8 bolt. The guy said he bought it that way and before he run it he wanted the parts replaced. You have a month until till christmas and that gives you ample time to buy and replace the parts. It would only take a couple of hrs to do once you have all the parts. If you fix it right now you will be able to ride christmas with no worry of being let down.
    just my 02

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    I bought a really nice 94 SP with the same issue. We welded the shaft to the coupler, it worked fine. So a bolt might hold up as well.

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    I stripped the pto and shaft on my 2000 GTX also. I just replaced both parts. Easy and no worries.

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    Make sure you fix the cause too...probably two of three engine mounts broken.

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    i had three out of 4 broken mounts, replaced them, pulled shaft and pump, just sorting out some parts. made myself an alignment tool. I turned up a plate out of nylon and bored a hole to suit 3/4 bright bar, mounted on ski, it is about 4mm out of alignment, might make some shims myself.

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    Wont hold seen it done fix the mounts and the shaft.

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    I test ran it at the boat ramp on the trailer. Then when i pulled it apart the bolt had already bent. It can sit in the shed until i can get the parts. Would you believe i was quoted over $750 dollars for a new shaft and pto. Thats why I'm going to source parts from the US.

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