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    is protec stuff any good?

    i just purchased a 2001 was supposed to be a riva stage 2 but after i got it the only thing on it riva is the 41cc head and sponsons everything else is protec,,turbo pipe,intake,ride plate,reed stuffers,carbon tech reeds,air filters,it has no free flow exhaust or am cdi is this setup unsafe? and are the protec handling parts worth a flip?

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    Its ok they aren't the fastest parts. You probably top out in the high 60's. Your ski sounds like it i set up for rougher water and holeshot. Its all about what kind of riding you do and what you want. If its top speed then you don't have the right stuff and most R&D or Riva stuff needs modded to achieve numbers.

    Do you know what impeller is in it? What flame arrestors?

    Top speed things to get to low to mid 70's:

    The CDI is about the last mod you need to get. Since it doesn't have a pump extension you can get aggressive with the ride plate.

    I'm going out on limb here but I like stepped stock sponsons. I about lost a shoulder the other day when a bird popped up from underwater and I was in the middle of a speed run I turned and the ski turned so hard I really had a hard time hanging on (at 70 mph). If I would have let loose the ski would have ran me over.

    I like 01 Riva tabs with one .060 washer between each attach point and the hull.

    Angle the R&D GP1200R ride plate to 5 degrees and true the surfaces.

    The R&D 800 double bar intake grate is the fastest safe intake grate

    I like a setback Nu-Jet 6.5 pitched at 13/19

    This set up on my ski didn't porpoise at all. It went 72.7 in 110 degrees

    Get a stock stinger and a Riva D-Plate in it.

    I lent my handling info and parts to Oceanside Bill If he gets an 800 grate and some stock sponsons and steps them he will be suprised.
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    protec airfilters,,,stock impeller!!previous owner removed the ss solas prior to my purchase...

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