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Thread: Shut down..?

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    Shut down..?

    Well, I have read and read, looking for someone who might have had the same problem as me, but can't seem to run across it.
    This year, my ski would shut down when running up to wide open throttle. I could go for a little while, then the rpm's would drop off, then the ski would die. If I let it sit for a minute, it would start back up. Then, when riding, as long as I did not go wide open, it was fine. But, when going back to wide open, it would happen again.
    I think I have a bad gasket because my compression is fine, I rebuilt the carbs, popoff is good. Oil pump is fine, so I don't know where to look. I do see a blackish kinda color from the bottom end of the exhaust on the Magneto side cylinder.
    What are you guys opinion?

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    Well im not an expert by any maens. But a buddy of mine had the same issue sort of. When his gx got warm he would lose top end big time. he checked and cleaned the carbs, fuel, and changed the plugs but to know prevale. I have told him to check his magneto, cause some time when it warms up you will lose spark. but you could try that.

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    Sounds like a fuel delivery problem.
    The ski runs fine until WOT. Then it takes a couple of minutes to refill the fuel lines before starting again.
    When you cleaned the carbs, did you also clean the fuel selector valve.
    The selector valve is probably flowing, but not enough at WOT.
    Turn it to reserve and try. If it runs good then the fuel selector valve needs cleaning or replacing.

    It could also be the O ring on the fuel filter screen. That thing has to be just right or it will suck air and drive you nuts trying to figure out what the problem is. I would visit my local lawn mower shop and get a high volume inline filter and replace sea doo filter.

    Sometimes the internal rubber grommet gets worn and frayed and will not let fuel flow freely out of the selector valve.

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    Hey Seadoogtx....where do you ride ? I live just off of Dog River on Rabbit Creek.


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    Check all your fuel lines for splits where it can suck air.

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    Does it have to sit or will it restart instantly?

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