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    Kawasaki 650sx ?

    what would be a fair price for a 1987 kawasaki 650sx that has a stainless steel impeller, aftermarket intake grate and ride plate, primer, tray mat, trigger throttle, and electric bilge pump.

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    I paid $500 for a 1988 with a similar setup PLUS it had a custom paint job and came w/ a stand!

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    yeah, unfortunately not much. id say $800 at best if you have a mint ski and a dumb buyer.

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    price for 87 kawai650sx ? with a JetSport ride plate (it's extended and it has fins on the bottom), a PJS intake grate, and a Solas impeller, 38mm carb with k&n flame arrestor,west coast pipe, primer, and pole spring. no trailer and faded out tray mat. any good guess on price of something like that ?

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