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    Gauge show "Sensor" when plug in key

    Don't know what is the problem when every time I plug in the key have this Sensor Massage signal come out a while 1 sec then disappear.

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    funny you say that. i had the same question yesterday. my problem was that a 3 pin connection wasnt connected. the connection is located at the bottom of the hull at the rear on the opposite side to the water box.i hope this helps. let us know if that is the fix.

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    it can be your air temp sensor in the hood.

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    Did you get it figured out? Mine gave me that message after the battery died. To get the error code for why it is being display, insert the key, and after the display comes up press the SET button 5 times. It should display an error code. Google that error code or look in the manual if you have one and it'll tell you what it is. My code was P1517 and all I had to do is take it to the dealer and they hooked it up to BUDS and fixed it. Hope that helps

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    mine's done that since day one,dealer told me its because of the depthfinder though.

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    Same here, was told it was the depthfinder.

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    yup something to do with the depthfinder. get the ski on BUDS and disconnect or it could also be lake temp sensor.

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    sensor message

    If your ski does not have a depth finder due to it not being a LTD but is in fact an RXP or an RXT which does not have a depth finder, you need to return to your dealer to have this function turned off in BUDS. The problem occurs when the battery goes real flat and trips the MPEM / ECU in to default / super low power which turns the depth finder on. When you recharge or replace the batt you get the sensor msg on the dash.
    See your dealer and they should switch it off for free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetskibum1 View Post
    See your dealer and they should switch it off for free.
    Not in America Buddy It's only Free to some that have developed a good relations with their dealers, but for the poor guys that got left out, They were charged the minimum $$$ God Bless America

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