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    Anyone using an IAT sensor on the R&D adaptor?

    I currently have my IAT sensor in the J-pipe between the IC & TB, but will need to move it when I install the Riva IC. I'm wondering if I will get accurate readings putting the sensor on the R&D adaptor...anyone try it?

    I've heard you can't use the boss on the front of the manifold because there's not enough room once the Riva cooler is in, so that leaves me with the option of tapping the rear manifold boss & using the 2 ports on the adaptor. I need three holes...boost gauge, BOV & IAT, but I would prefer to put the BOV hose on the manifold. I'm interested to hear where other have installed their sensors.

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    I can't say this with certainty, but I don't think you'll get very accurate readings with the IAT sensor in the R&D adaptor. The only way to know would be to put two sensors in and compare the results.

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    I would say to get the most accurate and responsive reading it would have to be somewhere in the airstream like you have it now. Where it has a constant source of moving air.

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    how bout a t piece on the manifold boss i done this on mine but it was for the boost gauge and bov not sure if it will give you a true temp reading

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