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    my ski has thrust vectoring......does yours??? killcraft's Avatar
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    faded fiberglass

    does anyone know how to bring back the color of a faded ski?

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    If its Gellcoat you can color sand and buff, Most pwc were Gellcoat.

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    wetsand and buff!

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    Yes, it all depends on how oxidized it is. If its just light, you can buff it out by hand or machine with a good compound for gel coat($10 @ Walmart, 3M or Attwood brands).
    If its bad you will need to color sand it.
    You can start with 800 to 1000 grit wet/dry paper, then polish with machine and compound.
    Once you get it shining good, wax it once or even twice with a good wax to protect it from oxidizing so soon again.

    Dark colors like red, black, green gel coat oxidize fast. White is not so bad and takes a long time to oxidize.
    Good luck!

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