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    Yamabond, Hondabond and Threebond 1211

    Which can be used on case halves? I'm hearing that Hondabond and Yamabond are the same thing and pretty similar to Threebond 1211.

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    Yamabond, Hondabond & Threebond 1194(gray) are all the same product just different packaging.

    1211 is very popular in the yamaha section for case halve assembly

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    suzuki has a case sealer that i like better than the yama/hondabond
    its black in color and isnt as stringy
    not saying theres anything wrong w yamabond used it for years

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    1194 (yamabond 4) is nasty crap. It is very tough to scrape off without damaging the aluminum surfaces...1211 is what you want...but expect to pay close to $20/tube.

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