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Thread: Trim Help!!!???

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    Trim Help!!!???

    Hey Guys I have a question about my 97 gp 1200 ok my trim control cable what ever its called haha anyways for the longest time its been froze up and stuck in forward well anyways i got a new one and now the trim in forward is angled up alot more. before it was level. so i dont know if the new cable is to short. ???????

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    You can adjust the trim angle. You will have to refer to a factory service manual for the specs on measurements and where to measure to adjust properly. Use the search function to search for the manuals. You can download them in in pdf files for free.

    If the cable were too short it probably wouldnt let you engage all the way into each trim position. Since you can engage the positions, it should be just fine. You probably have to make adjustments on the rear cable from the attachment point under the rear seat to the nozzle.

    Welcome to the forum. Please try to punctuate so your questions can be more easily read and you will get a quicker response as well.

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