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    High Jackers huh????????

    Just so I am real clear on something here.
    I don't think I supposedly "high jacked" any thread.
    I happened to be looking for a riva rear metal exhaust tube just like member yellowjacket and instead of starting a new thread for the same exact part and clogging up the forum I thought it would make sense to let everyone know that if yellowjacket already found one or passed on one for sale due to price or condition or whatever, that I would like to be next in line to purchase one.
    I can't believe that someone locked the other thread about this "high jacking" subject.
    Now I started a new thread which is in essence, the very thing I was trying to avoid.
    In any event, even though it has come this far I feel it is only fair for yellowjacket to have first right to any rear exhaust for sale and me second.
    Sorry for stepping on any toes and making you upset yellowjacket.......
    Last edited by madtork; 11-24-2009 at 06:35 PM. Reason: Becaus I like my grammer to be as perfect as possible unlike some people here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by madtork View Post
    and instead of starting a new thread for the same exact part and clogging up the forum I thought it would make sense to let everyone know that if yellowjacket already found one or passed on one for sale due to price or condition or whatever, that I would like to be next in line to purchase one.

    Don't be afraid to "clog up" the forum. Please make your own post in the future.


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    Selling Parts in the Classifieds
    A few simple guidelines to help us along.

    • Members will have to have made over 25 posts before you can sell or create a new post in the classified sections. And your posts need to contributory, not just replies to run your post count up.This is being done to protect our members so please consider contributing and participating in the forums before using the classified sections.
    • Please post F/S (for sale) or WTB (want to buy) in your title.
    • Please post Year, Model and Description of parts for sale. Pictures and Price go along way too.
    • Cross Posting and Spam, Please do not duplicate your thread, especially in other sections. Duplicates will be deleted.
    • Posts should be positive on sale threads, anyone unnecessarily discrediting or posting negative stuff will have the posts removed. Lets be fair people.
    • No piggybacking or cutting in on someone else's FS thread, start your own.
    • Bump your thread no more than once a day, multiples will get them all deleted.
    • No Auctions, lotteries, drawings, Games of chance etc. Auctions is what ebay is for.
    • We do not allow skis or hulls without titles or paperwork to be sold here.
    • We do not allow sales or solicitation for titles only here.
    • Please post only Parts in this section no Skis (there is a section just for these), bare hulls are considered parts.
    • If you sell your part please state it on the thread.
    • All threads that reach 60 days without activity are automatically deleted.
    • Follow through on your sale or purchase. Green is a tight knit group and a bad reputation will haunt you forever, Green Hulk members have great memories.
    • The unwritten rule's of conduct: If somebody says "Dibs" or they "want it" or "will take it" it is customary and expected to give them first chance and so on in order. Playing favorites or excluding someone will get you a bad rep and that will hinder future sales. This must be done on the open forum, pm's have caused too many issue and should be used for trading personal info etc. Keep it Fair
    • Overseas shipping. We have lots of members here from overseas and they buy just like the rest of us. I have dealt with many of them and shipping is not as much of a hassle as some say. I use the Post Office which has been the least expensive. If you do not wish to ship overseas state it. If you are a buyer from overseas let the seller know upfront. This will help from having misunderstanding's
    • No dealer or commercial sales without authorization of the Site owner Green Hulk (Jerry Gadis) send him a pm he can be very accommodating.
    • No Sales of information only packages if it is a secret, then keep it to yourself.
    • Forum Rules
    • Scamming, misrepresenting, non payment for parts received, parts delivered that do not meet the description etc. Basically do not pass crap on to the membership, post the faults let people make a decision with their eyes open. Follow through and treat others how you want to be treated, failure to do so or intensionally defrauding someone can result in your membership being terminated.
    Thanks to everyone for their cooperation.
    Please feel free to suggest anything, improvements are always welcome and encouraged.

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    To the original poster, while we have no obligation to personally explain to you the rationale behind the rules of this forum, I will do so in this instance to dispel any thought that our rules are arbitrary or ill conceived. I (and I believe the entire admin staff) think that the rules we set have a purpose other than to make your experience less than desirable. In this case, we do not allow the hijacking of classified threads for a good reason. Say you are a seller and you post a part for sale. You do not want someone else posting on your thread that they have the same part for a lower cost. Conversely, if you are a buyer for a particular part, you do not want another buyer for the same part posting on your thread that he wants the same part. Why? Because he may need it more than you do and may be willing to pay a higher price. That gives the seller the ability to bid one person against another. While most of the sellers on this site understand that this is not an auction site, and the first person willing to pay the offered price gets the part, some are only interested in getting the most bang for the buck. This is not what we want here. This is not ebay.

    So, I understand you are not happy with this rule by virtue of the rather antagonistic PM's you have sent to one of the moderators about this issue. I hope this explanation resolves the problem. If not, feel free to raise this with Hydrotoys, Miketrin or Green Hulk. They are the Admins who can help you with any forum policy issues you may have. Thanks for your patronage here.

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