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    what do you use?

    What are some of the accessories that you have on your jet ski or what you carry while riding? Also what pfd's do you use that work well with the sea doo lanyards?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lenn1562 View Post
    What are some of the accessories that you have on your jet ski or what you carry while riding?
    As much of this as physically possible!!!


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    the obvious answer is a CG package and a first aid kit - but for extras a towell is helpfull after i cut the hell out of my leg in a river.... i actually carry an umbrella in case of a break down and sun intrusion with my kids...i am lucky since i have so much storage with the LRV - beer is such an obvious answer but i will leave that to someone who has enough post to get away with it... anchor!!! too many skis are out there where no one can figure out how to secure it that they dont carry one.

    good luck

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    i was thinking of getting one of the sand anchors so its not heavy carrying it around all the time. whats everyones opinions on these?

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    Sand anchors are a PITA to me. I got one of those big corkscrew anchors in each ski. Screws in the sand like a dog anchor. Light weight too.

    These are the exact ones I bought

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    We use the sand anchors and fill them with large rocks in AZ. They don't last all that long due to the jagged edges, but they work pretty good. Sand usually is very coarse and nasty here.

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    All depends on where i am riding,

    A) Big rides and areas I dont know well

    1. cell phone
    2. gps
    3. hand held marine radio
    4. some small hand tools (screw driver, adj wrench, 8mm nut driver, 10mm nut driver)
    5. tie downs for docking
    6. long rope for towing
    7. towel
    8. extra shirt
    9. extra life jacket
    10. flares
    11. money
    12. camera
    13. water proof duffel bag to put all this in.
    B) Local lake and river

    1. lots of extra life jackets for the shorties
    2. gps for speed runs
    3. most of the stuff is always less then 5 mins away on shore.

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    allways a phone and money ..f

    first aid kit is allways in the ski along with help extinguisher and whistle...for the po po ..sorry if i am on fire i am bailing not digging in the front while my nuts get roasted on the open fire...there is a small tool kit on the ski a couple extra plugs is good just incase you suck water and foul one...but never needed them ...i also laminated the po code sheet and carry it in the front of the ski so if i do get a code i can tell what it is ...helped more people at the beach than myself so far but handy ..and the extra key if the gf isnt on the back they do get messed up sometimes...

    waterproof boxes and pouches dont trust your 'waterproof " compartments lost 1 phone to water..that was enough .... i put my phone in a bag then in a box the bag helps keep it from getting beat up as it all bounces arund inside things as we fly over the chop ....

    lots of sunscreeen just let it live in the ski ....

    if i am going out and about not hanging out at the beach ...i have something to drink on the ski ...

    i have been known to keep flippers and a mask and the dive flag in the front 2 reasons 1 cool snorkel spot ..2 ski broke need to get it or just me in flippers are a big help ...never needed them for #2 thankfully ..

    of course tow rope / dock lines and i like the sand anchors ..the others would bounce around and beat up the inside of you ski

    dont have a gps but it is on the list..thinke they are a good idea ... especially if riding in an unfamiliar area...bonus max speed runs

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    We carry the sand/rock anchor bags-- not too effective I've found unless its full of rocks, not sand. Unfortunatly, here on the coast there aren't too many rocks on the banks.

    I carry a screw anchor-- actually a dog tie down from Petco

    I'd carry a fluke style anchor, but haven't come up with a way to fasten it inside the storage compartment without it bouncing around.

    Standard stuff - first aid kit, mooring ropes, tools, AA batteries for the GPS, ect.

    A large, long (16" or so) heavy duty screwdriver. It's come in handy digging somthing out of the pump/grate.

    Friend (thankfully!) carries a heavy, 25 ft or so tow rope. I'm adding that to my stuff stash.

    I've talked with folks who carry a lightweight set of jumper cables. I havent had any battery problems out on the water so I'm on the fence about this.

    I also carry a small cash stash, a laminated copy of my drivers license, and a copy of my insurance card.

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