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Thread: prop rpms

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    prop rpms

    what would be the difference in revs i am running 14 /20 set back 3mm at 7600/77oo would putting 13/18 stock rxp prop on get me to 8150 i got a rxt c5 xs power shot 42s its driving me loopy trying to find 8150 and money

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    sorry forgot to say the problem started when i put 14/19 on i was getting 8200 so sent off to get repiched to 14/20 and set back 3mm now i have noticed wear ring worn so i flipped it now and lost revs i was 8000 with repich sorry for not putting all info first time

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    This is the impeller you need to be running on your ski

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    thanks i was turning 8200 with a 14/19 so would 14/17 insrease revs to high or was the high revs due to a worn wear ring i had the 14/19 setback they took 3mm off the back of the prop so it picks up water earlier and reduces revsthen they repitched it to 14/20i dont no whether u do this mod in the states they said it would give me 8000 revs so is the prop to big for me to turn with my mods sorry for all the ? jerry thanks mark

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    A worn wearring lowers the rpm's.
    So the wearring didn't bring the rpm's up for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by richrxp View Post
    A worn wearring lowers the rpm's.
    So the wearring didn't bring the rpm's up for sure.

    it may and i dont know for sure .

    .but my logical mind says rps would come up..due to the water being able to slide by the ends of the prop..not being forced out of the rear..causing less thrust...worn out ringshould cause a loss in speed but less resistance to the motor causing rpm to come up so logically thinking ..the results he had should be correct

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    chers mate thats what i was thinking but wouldnt a 14/17 have me all over the limiter iwas thinking more 13/18 thanks mark

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    +1 i have a 155hp sportster 150 and a worn ring is ALOT more noticable on my boat then on the ski's. With a worn ring it was all over the limiter no way will it lower the rpms.

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