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    Ski-Doo®, Can-Am™ Warranty Coverage on AMSOIL AIT, TDR, HPI, AFF

    1. Communicate a significant language change in BRP’s warranty
    2. Communicate that the use of AMSOIL lubricants in BRP
    snowmobile and ATV engines will not place warranties at risk.
    3. Assure customers that AMSOIL synthetic lubricants meet or
    exceed the performance requirements of BRP snowmobile and
    ATV engines.
    AMSOIL customers who recently purchased a Ski-Doo snowmobile
    or Can-Am ATV were advised that it was necessary to
    use BRP-branded lubricants or risk the loss of warranty coverage.
    Customers were referring to language found in multiple
    Ski-Doo and Can-Am operator’s guides that instructed use
    of only a specified BRP synthetic lubricant. Further, the
    guides state “Use of other engine oils may cause severe engine
    damage and may void the limited warranty” (3)(4). Additional
    BRP operator’s guides state there is “no known equivalent”
    (1)(4) to the branded BRP lubricant on the market.
    AMSOIL confronted BRP about the warranty language in its
    operator’s guides. Specifically, AMSOIL asserted that the
    warranty language violated the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act,
    a federal law which prohibits manufacturers from requiring
    the use of a branded service/replacement part unless the branded
    service/replacement part is provided free of charge.
    AMSOIL emphasized that its synthetic lubricants meet or
    exceed the engine performance requirements for both two- and
    four-cycle engines used in power sports equipment.
    BRP, while denying that its warranty language violated the
    Magnuson Moss Warranty Act or any other regulation, advised
    AMSOIL that it has never denied a warranty claim based on
    the use of “improper oil” (2). Furthermore, BRP advised that
    it will modify the language of its operator’s guides as follows:
    1. It will no longer say that use of oil other than the BRPbranded
    product may void the warranty.
    2. When it recommends a particular branded product, it will
    ensure that the language is clearly identified as a recommendation
    rather than a requirement.
    3. It will no longer comment on the availability of equivalents
    to the BRP brand oil(s).
    AMSOIL is publishing this notice to inform the public of this
    significant change in BRP’s warranty policy, assure customers
    that AMSOIL synthetic lubricants meet or exceed the performance
    requirements of BRP engines and ensure that snowmobile
    and ATV owners do not mistakenly believe that use of
    AMSOIL lubricants will place their warranties at risk.
    For performance specifications and applications, refer to the
    product label or data sheet, AMSOIL Powersports Application
    Guide (G2135) or the Powersports Online Lookup at The AMSOIL Technical Services
    Department can be reached at 715-399-8324 for oil recommendations
    regarding Ski-Doo or Can-Am applications.
    1. Can-Am
    |BRP. 2009 Operator’s Guide DS450EFI
    EFI XXC. 219 000 576, Canada: Bombardier
    Recreational Products Inc., 2009. 84. Print
    2. Morisset, Paule. Letter to Mr. Michael W. Haag of Foley &
    Mansfield PLLP, Attorneys at Law; Minneapolis, MN. June
    23, 2009.
    3. Ski-Doo
    ®|BRP. 2009 Operator’s Guide REV-XP. 520 000
    900, Canada: Bombardier Recreational Products Inc., 2009.
    61. Print.
    4. 2008-2009 operator’s guides for BRP snowmobiles (Ski-
    Doo) and ATVs (Can-Am) contain this language.

    TSB: SE-2009-11-01
    Date: 11/23/09
    Product Description: Ski-Doo
    ®, Can-AmWarranty Coverage on AMSOIL AIT, TDR, HPI,
    Subject: Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) changes its operator’s guides in regards to
    warranty coverage.

    Submitted By: LG Reviewed By: DP Approved By: AA Approval Date: 11/24/09
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