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    97 Yamaha GP 1200

    I am new to the 97 Yamaha GP 1200,always had A Seadoo,recently purchased this Yamaha and yes i have searched about what to do about more speed and fixes,but have found many conflicting ways to set it up,can someone give me a simple reply on what mods i should do,it is the later 1997 hull with no cracks,i have ordered the replacement trim tabs as my plastic ones were broke,any help is much appreciated and i would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday,thanks in advance for not bashing a is stock but does have the long ride plate.

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    Good basic setup for flat water is
    Group k cut R&D plate and R&D intake grate
    Intake grate works with stock long plate good as well.

    Good basic set up for mild chop is
    R&D intake grate with stock long plate.

    Good basic set up for big chop is R&D intake grate with a Shredmaster plate.

    If you run a Rr&D or Riva Plate typicaly you will shim the plate in the rear for chop and shim in front for flat water.

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