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    Fizzle 4" intake

    Hey guys just finished fitting the 4" intake to my ski. Im just a bit confused as to what to do with the engine breather hose.. Should i run it into the supplied pvc fitting with the filter or should i put it into the kanaflex?? I ride in salt water...
    Also where is a suitable place to cable tie the filter, cant really see any where that doesnt have a moving part..


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    The best you can do,is put a catchcan to the breatherhose.
    This way you wont have any debris (spilled oil,fuel)from the egine in your intakesystem.
    You can make one yourself,our buy one.
    Almost everyone does this,it keeps your supercharger clean.

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    agree it is good to catch it... but i have mixed feelings...especially riding in salt water...i also like the idea of a little oil in my intake to keep corosion down ..i know it hurts perfomance a little ..but buying new intercoolers suck i guess it depends on how much coming out...just vapors is good ..ounces would be bad... i foresee a oil separator with the vent into my intake... as the best solution ..just my thoughts..

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