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Thread: 06 rxp mods

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    06 rxp mods

    hey guys i recently purchased a stock standard 06 rxp 215 and was wanting to get a little more out ov her..
    these are the mods i was planning:
    1.steel supercharger clutch washers
    2.rivia intake grate = $129.95
    3.rivia 4inch intake = $399.95
    4.rivia free flow exhaust = $149.95
    5.rad4 torque plate = $198
    6.rivia 2 degree pump wedge = $119.95

    what impeller would it be best to run?? what sort of increase in acceleration and top speed am i likely to see? do i need anything else like bigger injectors to suit the greater air flow??

    also what benefits would these items give me?
    1.R&D anti cavitation cone = $103.81
    2.R&D anti cavitation cone spacer = $21.62
    3.speedfreaks impeller nose cone = $30

    thanks for your help guys Dan.

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    From having built four of these boats I would recommend the following. Forget numbers one and five on your first list. Then forget your second list allthogther. What to do in place of the above. 1. purchase a new RXP-X RXT-X supercharger. 2. 42 lb injectors. 3. RXP-X RXT-X intercooler. 5. 15/20 prop. 6. Riva ECU. 7. Les Cooke valve retainers. DO NOT go with a complete valve train up grade. Cooke's retainers are good to go with the Riva ECU and dont eat up 8 to 12 HP like the complete kit does. With the above and what was left of your two lists--with a little tuning you should be close to 80 MPH. By the way--set the slip on the SC at 150 to 170 in/lb.

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    agree the grate is the onlything on your list i have

    this is copied from another ost of mine but read away

    i ran a s3 charger a fizzle type intercooler..and 42 on the stock ecu for a couple years..the difference in acceleration from the drop in wheel and the s3 charger was omg...the acceleration is what you really see and feel ..and the top end was 76 ish...that was a common set up for a few years then it became the x boat.. no rrfpr needed

    the x charger has a slightly larger diamiter wheel....than the 215 you slightly more boost less than a pound..than the s3 charger..but the larger wheel gives you a little more volume as well ...volume = acceleration ...that is why any upgraded charger is always much bettter than just a can also find xchargers used..for mid 400...and you have the option to upgrade them to a mini rude later...w the s3 charger the only upgrade is to buy a whole new charger a rude 2 or rude 3

    a stock x charger is fine w just 42# injectors as long as you dont add the intercooler...the stock intercooler holds the boost down to about the same as the s3 ..and keeps it safe again 76 ish soon as you add the intercooler..if you want to run the stock ecu..8200 rpm you will need more fuel than the stock ecu can you will need to add the rrfpr..or a rude controler if you can find one....or possibly the r&d power shot ...give you about 1 to 1.5 mph ..77 ish stock ecu.....

    another alternitive is go to an aftermarket ecu 8600 rpm and 50 # injectors and the valve train must be upgraded to run the extra rpm ...there are a few boats running low 80s on a stock x charger ..or a s3 charger and aftermarket ecu. s3 will be slightly slower..

    again the advantage to the x charger is the ability to upgrade it to a mini rude ..or the riva upgrade for it that is like the s3 housing and wheel on a 215 charger later..but again at that point you will once again need more fuel..either a rrfpr or some use a rude controler just the aftermaket ecu wont do it..a mini rude and aftermarket ecu at that point you should be mid 80s at least i thinke people are running high 80 with that set up ..but mid 80 s no prob

    keep in mind there are other things to consider than just power ride plates are good..speed and the prop will allways be a involve when you make power..may just be a repitch or an new one to keep the rpm right as you start to modify you really need to run a af guage is money that wont make you faster...directly but will save your motor

    how much money do you fast do you want to go ...once you start to reach high 70s low 80s the cost per mph goes way up ...going from 68 to 75 is realtivly cheap ...75 to 85 you will spend more than the cost of a used boatbut it is one of the last places you can go out and go as fast as you want and not affect your drivers licence and

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    watch the classifieds..we have the sickness and upgrade so there are lot of hand me down parts there i know there is a 4 inch rear air and a couple of used x chargers have gone through.. props ..injectors ..just sold my s3 charger and 42 pound fuel injectors there a month ago...if not here the store on this forum is great and use the type in greeenhulk in for the coupon for the discount...

    asa newbee read this link
    it will get you up yo speed on how these things work

    welometo the sickness....

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    welcome to the forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sundance View Post
    7. Les Cooke valve retainers. DO NOT go with a complete valve train up grade. Cooke's retainers are good to go with the Riva ECU and dont eat up 8 to 12 HP like the complete kit does.
    Ray, you have given some great advice but i want to correct you on a "myth" that i see pop up on the forum from time to time.

    Les Cooke retainers are designed to put more tension on the stock springs. It's not only the lighter weight retainers that help the engine achieve higher RPM's safely, but more so from the higher spring rates. Higher spring rates = a reduction in HP. So with that said, using the Cooke retainers you can look forward to the same HP loss you see with the full valve train upgrade kits.

    Also, the loss is not 8 to 12 HP as stated, it's a mere 4 HP.

    This 4 HP loss is nothing to lose sleep over as the HP you gain by turning more RPM's far outweighs the small loss. You have to give a little to gain a lot

    Speaking of Cooke retainers. If anyone needs them i have plenty of them in stock

    Also, i would not recommend someone with a high hour engine to only install the retainers. The stock springs are weak and lose tension over time. When in doubt have your spring pressures checked or play it safe and go with a full valve train upgrade kit.

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