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    Yamaha Opinion needed.

    Going to look at (and possibly purchase) a Yamaha FX Cruiser for myself, my wife and daughter to use as a island hopper.What is the overall consensus regarding this model?

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    I have no experience with that particular model, so I can't tell you specific things to watch for.

    However, you should do the same types of pre-purchase checks that you would do on all used PWC purchases. This would include a compression test, as well as actually taking them out on the water for a test drive.

    Just because they start and run on the trailer means NOTHING! If they've been sitting for a long time, the fuel system can be gunked up and it will still start on the trailer. It won't run worth a damn in the water. Also, look at the condition of the impeller, as well as the overall condition of the boat(s).

    Non-functional electronic displays are very expensive to replace, too.

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    I have a FX HO Crusier (M-R1 engine) its one of the most reliable skis out there and it gets good mileage. Its got a decent size engine and can handle rough water pretty good. 50+ hours, no issues at all.

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    I have an 07 FXHO cruiser.........220 hrs & no problems what so ever. As long as they are looked after, they are good for many 100's of hrs.
    Also excellent in rough conditions & are perfect for offshore trips!

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