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    What years hulls will accept all 1997 GP1200R engine and hardware?

    Hi, new to the board here and looking for some help...
    I've got a 1997 GP1200R with a trashed hull. I need to find a replacement, but to better my odds of finding one local to the Tampa Bay area, I'd like to know what years are interchangeable (all parts fit/mount the same). Am I stuck looking for exactly a '97 or can I broaden my search? Also, if anyone has one available close to Tampa, please let me know as I can't seem to post in the classifieds yet since I am a new member.


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    97-99 is gp 1200
    1200r is a different motor & hull
    there is no 97 gp 1200r

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    Any 97-99 GP hull 98-2000 GP800 hull or a GP760 would work I would get a 99 GP1200 hull its all Blue on top.
    How about pics of damage and what # was the hull piped or not ?

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    Thanks for the clarity...

    So I can begin searching for '97-'99. Other than color, is their any physical advantage of one year vs. another?
    Don't have any pics of the damage right now, but it is limited to the front end. Regarding mods, the ski is completely stock.

    Thanks - Jason

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    97 hulls were weaker than the latter hulls
    yamaha had some plates the glued into the hull for reinforcement

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