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    Check the water in your battery . . .

    OK....I know better.....I should have checked the water level in my 2006 Yamaha FX HO's battery many times since I purchased it (new).

    After 3 YEARS.....I pulled the battery out......with a plan to put it on a trickle/maintainer charger......AND I discovered IT WAS HALF EMPTY !!

    Yes I filled it with distilled water.....and put it on a charger......but I do not have much hope for it.

    Don't be a dumbass like me.....check your battery .

    That is all.

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    Better yet, replace it with a non-vented, non-spillable AGM type battery. No leaks, no water loss, no problems.

    Odyssey brand is well regarded, and sold by the GH host store.

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