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Thread: PWC Dyno

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    PWC Dyno

    I was cleaning up today and found an old catalog from my boat days. I flipped through it and found a dyno that bolts on to the pump. Just wondering if anybody has tried this? It says snowmobile but you can get a PWC adapter.

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    Yes we had one of those dyno's in 2000. It was a Land and Sea brand which came with all sorts of pump adaptors and bolted right up in to the back of the ski.
    The problems then began. We spent thousands on sorting out mains water presure issues to give the water brake stable supply and then the issue of replipication of the water presure and volume for the cooling system. Those were the two stroke days and water was a key factor in the pipes etc so it was real messy.
    After 6 months of spending spending spending on trying to get it accurate on PWC's we adapted it to a Kart axle on a stand and used it for tuning Kart engines which was our other addiction at the time. It was OK but not good enough to replicate run after run reliably so it went into storage for good at that stage.

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