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    Getting Happier and Happier with my Ski

    Well my ski seems a real odd ball, when i bought it, the ski only had 1.7 or something similar on the hours

    Ok i know it could of been reset etc but it seemed really low, the ski look like new to me

    The hull has a few marks underneath it, but not like beach marks almost like floor marks, the ski didnt have a trailer until 4 years ago either which i find strange

    Today I've cleaned the airfilter etc following instruction on here and i noticed the carbs and butterflys look like new with no build up of crap or anything, they look new

    just thought i'd share my happyness, just need my new fuel float now and ill be taking it out again

    The ski just gets better and better

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    These MFD do sometimes reset the hour counter, and we don't completely have a handle on how that happens, or even how to make it happen on purpose

    Running hours are just a proxy for the internal wear on the engine.

    With any PWC as old as yours (or even younger, of any brand), the actual mechanical condition is what matters, not the hours.

    A poorly maintained PWC engine with a handful of hours can be near junk, while another well maintained engine with many, many running hours can be in excellent condition, with plenty of life remaining before needing a rebuild.

    If the engine internal bearings have been protected from rusting, and the fuel system, from carbs to fuel lines to the tank itself, has been cleaned and rebuilt as appropriate, then the engine should be good for a long time.

    Cleaning the flame arrestor? If the engine had very low hours, why would the mesh element need cleaning?

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    Wait till you hit 6300 RPM on that ski Cliffy.

    You'll be really happy with it.

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