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    How many hulls over 90mph

    I didn't know where this post would belong but it has something to do witht the fzr and I post here the most so....

    How many hulls are capable of and have legitimately gone over 90mph? I know the gpr and rxp. I am fairly sure the 15f hull has gone over 90 in one form or another(rxp engine/topdeck). I believe JD1's fzr is now over 90. So what ,if anything else has hit that mark. Any rxts, ultras(no laughs), fx's, hondas(still no laughs), gsxl,xpls, polaris'(again no laughing). No real purpose to my inquiry just thought it was a fun and interesting question.

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    Hondas going over 90 mph... hahaha... good one.

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    I had my Yam SUV over 80 got the ticket to prove it

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