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    2004 Plastic-Aluminum jet pump changeover

    Hi Guys:

    My 2004 GTX SC (model 6160) has damage to the jet pump.. thus it looks like now is the time to convert over to the aluminum version. I've reviewed Seadoo service bulletin 2004-7, so I know what parts I'll need. Anyone have any thoughts on where the best (cheapest) place to buy? Any thoughts on aftermarket parts, ie Canam... sells them as well as Seadoo OEM.

    Is the aluminum housing worth the $$$$. The original plastic assy has lasted 115 hours. Wear ring will be replaced for only the 4th time during this service. Mostly freshwater use 80%.

    Thanks for any input in advance

    Hobie in NH

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    Buy them here...There is a button at the top of the screen "Greenhulk OE Replacement Parts Store"


    Trash the plastic pump, it can and will flex under pressure, forcing owners to replace them. I actually don't think the plastic pump is sold anymore, is it?

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    I did the swap on my sportster 150. I say do the swap if you need to replace the pump. My 1st pumped warped so a replaced and it did it again, this was befor i knew i could go aluminum. Now i have the alum pump and have had zero problems so far.

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    Anyone have any info on aftermarket parts mfg'd by Canam?

    Also are there any discounts on greenhulk oem parts store?

    I have found plenty of SD dealers offering 10% off retail...but I was hoping to find someone who wanted to sell a package at a higher discount. I would think that there has to be someone who would like to move some inventory before year end.

    Thank you so far for the replys...will do the conversion...just need to find someone motivated to sell some parts at a price we both can live with.


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    I am not sure where you live, but if you don't need it right away just keep checking the classifieds. They show up here all of the time.

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    are all aluminum pumps the same? theres a couple 08 rxp part out's in classifieds.

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