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    Hi looking at buying a 1999 Yamaha XLT1200 it is in very good condition
    what are the things i sould be looking for
    how many hours on the skis before a rebuild ?

    Asking price $5500 $AU


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    i have a gp1200r has the same engine just different hull i purchased mine 6 months ago and absolutely love it it had 160hrs on it when i bought it now it has 180hrs and so far so good i wasnt worried about the hours on the ski because of previous owner spent alot of $$$$$ on engine ,carbs ,prop shaft etc there a lovely ski give them the tlc they deserve and they will go the distance ,neglect them and youre wallet will soon be empty firstly check engine compression,also see if the pv motor cycles after the engine is switched off,check the prop and wear ring for wear and tear, has the current owner installed wave eater clips if not this will help being the aussie model they came with d plate already no cat con istalled

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    Gloomis covered a lot ... I had one too. After checking compression, I would definitely pull the PV covers off the motor and make sure all the power valves are there and working well (there were upgraded valves from Yamaha a few years later that were less prone to breaking and dropping into the motor). Like Gloomis said, add the Waveeater keepers when you have the PV covers off for inspection, and add the Waveeater couplers to the linkage. For ultimate peace of mind, I would consider replacing all three power valves ... the newer ones are stronger. There will likely be a lot of gunk/goo under the PV covers that needs to be cleaned out.

    If the ski is in good shape, it should run about 7000 - 7100 rpms and 56 - 58 mph stock. If you want more speed, I would add the following mods: good intake grate (Riva or R&D), Solas 12/18 impeller (or slightly depitched 13/19), then cut the stock head for 150 lbs compression (Riva or good local shop), then maybe a good ride plate if you ride mostly calm water. There is also a Yamaha TSB to replace the 1999 sponsons for later upgraded ones ... if it has not been done already, you will likely have to pay for it, but it helps the ski handle better, with much less side to side rocking at 25 - 30 mph.

    If you cut the head, add the grate and the Solas 12/18 prop, and seal the pump shoe well, the ski has a surprisingly good holeshot for a big boat, and top speed goes up to around 61 - 62 mph GPS at 7100 - 7150 rpms.

    There are many further mods, but those are the basic ones. Nice ski, good ride ...

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    I've got the XL1200 Ltd, which was the 'test bed' for the new 155hp PowerValve motor, prior to calling it the XLT. It's big, heavy, solid, fairly comfortable, and I love it. It's done 125 hours in salt water and I've only had a new prop shaft and a set of carbs (all through the previous owner not washing it properly). All the mods the other guys suggest are well worth doing, especially the Waveeater clips, and also double and triple check the oil supply lines from the pump to the carbs. If rumour is anything to go by, they come of if they're not well secured, and that'll wreck the motor! If it compression checks around 115-120psi, and everything else seems good (make sure you get a test ride, of course), you should love it. They cavitate a lot in standard trim, but the intake grate and impellor, as well as a pump seal kit (do a search for info on that) will take most of it away. If you don't have the CatCon, that's one job less to do, as the 'D' plate it will have fitted in it's place, keeps the engine cooler, and gives a bit more power. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers, Dave.

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