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    How to Clean algae off Hull

    I use OnOff cleaner usually, which works well, but I've heard that one can purchase some kinds of toilet bowl cleaners to do the same thing at half the price. Does anyone know if this is true and what cleaner to use OR is there a better way to clean algae from a river off the bottom of my ski?

    Thanks in advance for any help, always appreciated.

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    i use soft scrub. has bleach in it. works like a charm. i usually wax when i use soft scrub.

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    I will try soft scrub

    I have pretty thick algae that is dry. I will try the soft scrub and report back. Ummm, what wax should I use?

    Thanks for reply!

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    slimy grimy

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    I think you are talking about "The Works" toilet cleaner. I tried it on my Challenger 1800 and it works great! It was about $1.00 for a container and I ended up using just over 1 container to clean my entire boat hull. Spray on, let in sit for a few minutes and rinse off. I actually used a brush to make sure that everything came off. With just a little agitation, the hull was as good as new!

    PS- don't let this stuff grip on to you galvanized trailer. I just wet the rails with the hose and had no issues

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    muriatic acid from the hardware store. its used to clean pool filters, and is the main ingredient in onoff. runs about $5/ gallon. same precautions apply.

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    muriatic acid and the ingredients in The Works: Hydrocloric Acid 20% Rodine 50.1%,Perfumes .1% and even the marykate on/off: be some nasty stuff. I use the Marykate on our boat hull, at the water line after a season and it does work great. Always rinse & rinse and try to do this outside in fresh air. letting chems like this sit on gelcoat for a long time is not good. Better to use small amounts and scrub. The best wax to use is the old fashioned 3-M MARINE paste wax. Don't use a overpriced car wax on your hull.


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