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    SL900 Fuel Line Question - Domestic Engine

    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick question, I am currently in the process of replacing the old gray fuel lines as recommended and found a couple oof real small blue lines which extend from underneath the handle bars.

    If anyone knows what these do, are they important or not please advise as per the picture.

    Interestingly they are incredibly brittle, and as such I cannot make out what type of fluid once ran through these I'm assuming some kind of oil as one of them definately connects to the T-Piece on the fuel line behind it (I noticed the rest of the cracked line around it).

    thanks [email protected]@
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    More Pics

    I'm thinking these are pretty important. Do these feed oil into the carbs? They are all brittle and broken everywhere. Please take a look at these pics.
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    Someone installed a primer kit.

    NOTE ***This is a general guideline only and my vary for your vehicle.
    Always unhook the battery before doing any repairs.
    If unsure about any of the below please consult a authorized dealer to have properly installed.
    Make sure to keep away from any objects that may chafe the primer hose.
    Always use the proper oem clamps when working on any fuel systems.**
    Manufacturer and or selling dealer assume no responsibility for any damages to person or property
    resulting from installation of this kit & shall not be held liable for any such damages.
    Please check with your vehicle manufacturer as to any warranty guidelines pertaining
    to installing any aftermarket parts.

    You will need to remove the carbs from the vehicle to do this properly

    1) Remove the old choke butterfly by removing the small screws that are holding it in place these in some cases may be peened and will need to be ground or drilled out to loosen. Reinstall the carbs using new gaskets (not supplied).
    2) Install the new fittings into the carb after applying a locking sealer. These in some case's may need a "J.B Weld " type epoxy (not supplied) as some carb holes are bigger and therefore would be loose.
    3) Install tee supplied into the reserve fuel line, between tank & fuel valve using proper oem type clamps (not supplied).
    4) In some cases the new plunger will fit into the old cable opening on dash this will make for a clean installation. If not a new hole will need to be drilled to mount the new primer plunger properly.
    5) Route the primer hose from the tee installed in the reserve line prior to the angled fitting on the plunger. The straight fitting off the plunger will connect with the hose to the carbs.
    6) For dual carbs install the smallest tee in between both carbs and hook the primer line on to this.
    7) Double check all connections, etc, for any leaks by priming a few times Be careful not to over prime engine.
    Go Riding & have fun

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    Yeah I followed the broken lines to the primer button just under the handle bars. Interesting, so the 97 SL900 did not come with a factory primer? It's amazing how these lines just fell apart from sitting around. I'll start re-routing, thanks for the info - very useful. I have my new fuel lines installed, those gray ones were in pretty shocking condition as well.

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