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    Question 2002 Genesis i - No spark

    A very good friend of mine has a 2002 Genesis 1200i with a problem.
    A while ago, upon arrival at the slipway, he found that the battery had moved inside the hull & had ripped the securing bolt out of the hull.
    Not a major issue.
    Since then, the motor cranks but will not spark.
    A mechanic friend looked over the ski & somehow, got it to start - even he doesn't know what he did!
    Since then, the ski has been launched & it ran for a while. Then it just died. After a couple of minutes, it restarted on the button. This ran for another few minutes & died again. When the button was pressed again, it started & the ski was immediately taken back to the slipway.

    Now, it's back to the old problem - the engine cranks well but will not spark!
    The CPS unit has been changed, as have all the plugs & leads (might as well!) but still the non sparking issue.
    Has anyone any idea as to what the problem might be?

    My initial thought is that there is a damaged connection somewhere, but while trying to locate this, it might remake the connection & fox us for hours.

    Any assistance will be gladly recieved.

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    I presume you have checked the battery voltage while cranking, and it is well over 10.6 volts while cranking - correct?

    Check the safety lanyard switch. If the switch is shorting closed, the engine will not have spark.

    When the ski has been sitting with no activity for more than five minutes, and you then press the start button to crank the engine, does the MFI display 'boot up', and the speedo needle do a full sweep?
    Does the MFI display work properly? Any water inside?

    Try this test;
    Find the LR-503 Start/Stop regulator module. It has seven wires, and I am not sure where it is tucked into the wire harness on the 2002 Genesis i
    On some Genesis models, it is hidden behind the MFI display, under the hood.

    Note: The 4010724 version of the LR-503 was not as reliable as the newer 4010906 version (LR-503-4)

    Unplug the Start/Stop module, then crank the engine by shorting the two heavy terminals on the start solenoid. There will be some sparking, so use a firm hand. Make sure the safety lanyard is in place.

    Does it now start? If yes, kill the engine by pulling the lanyard.

    If the engine starts with the LR-503 module unplugged, and does not start when it is plugged in, then replace the module.
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