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    Is it possible to run too lean with the factory boost limiter?

    Since I am a relative newbie I was wondering if much damage can be done to the ski while running a B1 wheel w/o a powershot? As I have mentioned in another thread I have had problems with the powershots in the past and I am probably going to wait a couple a couple of months and save some cash for a new ECU. In the meantime does running a higher boost supercharger wheel w/o adding fuel run the risk of damage since I would still be on the boost limiter?

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    Short answer is yes, it could run lean.

    The boost limiter function starts closing the throttle if it sees more than 7 psi for 1.5 seconds above 7550 RPM.
    So you could see full boost for 1.5 seconds at WOT and you might also run lean at lower RPMs where the boost limiter does not do anything.
    I would put the stock wheel back on to be safe if you are not running any additional fueling.

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    Do not run that ski without the powershot if the B1 is still in it. I definitely think it will run lean. Only way you could prove me wrong is to get a wideband and log the A/F on it but I would be VERY careful in doing so.

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    I ran my c3 w/o a powershot when I first got it in. didnt really see any issues. besides my clutch went out...

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