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    1995 SLX780 Oil Pump

    Does anyone know a way to test if the oil pump is working??

    I havent beengoing through much oil and want to check whether its pumping or not.


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    There are several ways to test the Fuji oil pump.

    You can remove one of the small hoses at the carbs or at the pump, allow a small air bubble into the hose, then reconnect. Then run the engine, and watch for the air bubble to move along.

    If you remove the oil pump to carburetor linkage, the oil pump arm will fall back (spring loaded) to a fail safe position, where it will pump oil at 100% flow rate, as if the engine was running at full throttle. That should move the air bubble a little faster.

    Have you checked for blockage or kinks in the oil hoses, all the way from oil tank to carbs?

    Is the oil filter the correct part, and installed?
    Is it new?

    Has anyone been messing with the oil pump previously?
    Could it be incorrectly installed?

    Is the oil pump actually installed on the engine?

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    I have also heard (I haven't tried, just heard) that you can remove the pump with the supply line still attached (good luck, its tight in there) and attach a drill to the pump and spin it counterclockwise (reverse on the drill). If the pump is good you should get oil flowing out of each of the nozzles into the intake/carb/wherever it is on your model. If anyone has actually done this, please confirm this. Whatever you do, don't disconnect the oil supply line without clamping it off or you may end up with a hull full of oil, which is insanely tedious to clean up without removing the engine!!!

    I am not even going to put the oil tank back into my ski because I don't like the thought of losing oil flow due to a failed line, or a hull full of that nasty crap! I am going to run premix. Besides, with the mods I am doing, I will need more oil than the factory pump supplies on its own.

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    I've used the drill method to prime the lines to the carbs, but I pulled the hoses from the fitting/check valves. I wanted the hoses to flow un-restricted to get the air out.

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