I have a brand new Land & Sea DYNOmite part number 100-112 Sea-Doo adapter that allows you to dyno Sea Doo 2 stroke engines in the watercraft without removal (up to 951 type). It is complete with hardware and it was 795 dollars.
I also have a new 769-011 Torque Arm with the Full Bridge Strain Gauge for use on the latest DYNOmite Pro 9" system that was 495 dollars.
I am open to offers and would accept trades of ONLY other DYNOmite accessories, a 9" Toroidal Flow Rotor/Arbor, or new standard bore 951 pistons (NO DI).
I thought I'd offer these parts to you guys first before listing them on ebay, my ebay seller I.D. is muttyz if you'd like to verify my 1000+ postitive feedback.
I can e-mail pictures of the components. Thanks, [email protected]