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    Daytona 1000 surge

    Good day all the Tigershark riders. Got a secondhand one recently and luv it! One problem though, it accelerates well with the revs climbing to 6300 but immediately drops down to 5500 and stays there at wide open throttle. At half or three quarter throttle it surges a lot. I only cleaned the fuel filter but still the same. Any ideas please?

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    Have you cleaned and rebuilt the carburetors?

    Does it have the gray Tempo fuel lines?
    If yes, they need to be replaced, all fuel system pieces cleaned and checked for restrictions or air/suction leaks (fuel shut off valve, filter, etc), AND the carbs rebuilt.

    If the carbs have been rebuilt, are the carb adjustments properly set to factory spec?

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    Whats the compression? You might have better luck in the tigershark section at

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    I would replace the whole fuel system first. I could be a weak motor or crank seals also.

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