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    Help, 2005 GP1300R fuel injector are not firing!


    i have a 2005 GP1300R fitted with an r&d stage 3 kit ( M16 reed valve and manifold), i did not use it for more than 20 months now, and stocked it in my garage, it have only 25 hours on it.

    i tried to start it today but seems that the fuel injector are not firing, spark plug are new, fuel pump are working ( i remove the fuel hose to check), and the engine is starting when i m putting fuel in the cylinder by the spark plugs hole, it run for maybe 5 seconds before dying.

    after check, compression also seems correct and oil injection as well, seems that only the fuel injectors are not working.

    i try to remove also the fuel module but did not solve the problem.

    Can anyone may have a solution for me please?

    Thanks in advance

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    try tapping the injectors slightly they might just be stuck from not being used for such a long time

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    injectors gummed up with old gas remove and have them cleaned by a injector service company

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2fast4u View Post
    injectors gummed up with old gas remove and have them cleaned by a injector service company

    send them here:

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