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    Need a Junk Kawasaki Crank 750 800 900 1100

    I need a Kawasaki crank front web in good condition or a complete junk crank.

    Send me a PM if you have one.

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    i have an 1100 core crank, 25.00 + s&h. also have a new hot rods HR205 web for a 750ZXi/SXi i would sell for 100.00 + s&h ( retail is over 145.00)

    send me an email, or call thes hop if i can help at all. zig

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    I was hoping to find a damaged crank just for the shipping cost.


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    Sorry, I don't have a crank. However, I'm curious what you're going to do with a junk one...

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    I just need the crank snout to be in good condition to lighten some more flywheels on a lathe.

    Damaged cranks with cracked webs or broken rods will work fine.

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    Will this do?

    I'll have to look see if I saved it.

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    I'm not sure if the crank snout taper is the same on those but if you're giving it away I'll pay for the shipping.

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    Bump... still searching for a front crank web.

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