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    xlt1200 oil block off ?

    Just bought 2 xlt1200's with 35 hours on them,I've never trusted oil injection and most on here feel the same way,where can i buy the plates and how do you install them?Also ive sucked out the oil tanks and what is the procedure to trick the sending unit to think the tanks are full,to stop the warning beeps and red flashing light?Thanks for any info on this and any other tips.Aslo running klotz skicraft what do you think of it?
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    you can get the block off plate at the online store Block-off, Oil Pump, 800;1100;1200

    to fool the oil sending unit it is easy pull the sending unit out and hold the float all the way up then zip tie it in place dash will show full all the time your done, gl with your skis. Ron

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    You can zip tie the float in place, or you can cut the wires off, solder them together, and shrink wrap it. Either one works.

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