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    NEED HELP!!! MSX150 four stroke - webber engine

    We have a 2004 MSX150.

    It is fauling the plugs everytime the start buttom is pushed.
    Clean them and put them back and its the same.

    Computer had a LOT of codes at first, we cleared them.

    I guessing some sensor is jacked up and telling the injectors to spray to much fuel when it realy isn't needing it.

    It seems that NO ONE realy wants to service these Polaris Four Stroke watercraft. Well it's what we do here so for now, we are going to be on a learing curve. we are going to figure it out but help along the way is always a good thing.

    We have the Digital Wrench from Polaris. 11 codes showed up at first.
    We have them all written down and noted. The codes have not come back sense we cleared them.

    If someone has the time and would like to call to talk us through this that would be fine. Our number is 1-866-538-6255
    Ask for Melvin or Ron

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