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    Oil Pump Questions

    Hey guys
    ok I know this is not a polaris question but it should be the same on all pwc that are oil injected and this site has been very helpfull in my rebuild of two 1997 polaris sl700.

    Any I am currently working on a friend on mine ski it is a 1996 Tigershark 640 montego. The actuating arm on his oil pump broke and he has ask me to replace it. I bought I very nice used tigershark oilpump on ebay and apparently it is for a 1995 model. the diference being the the 95 has dual carbs and the 96 has a single.
    My question is the pump from the 95 has two delivery hoses and the 96 only has one. could I block one off or should a tie the two line together so both lines run to the single carb. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I think I would T it, since the new one was feeding 2 carbs and(I assume) the same size engine,in theory you want the same amount of oil for the engine. If the pump is putting 1/2 the amount out each outlet,one side only would be coming up short.

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