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    Side cowlings remove, HOW TO???


    I want to remove the Side cowlings on my ultra lx so I can take the mirrors off to switch the glass out for something elese.

    I am stuck on one part on each side... On the right side the hose part I cant seem to take off, and on the left side the gas fill port is stopping me...

    I removed the three screws and am only stuck on these two parts..

    How do I finish?

    Also.. Is there a shop manual I can download somewhere for my ski??

    I hate asking such stupid questions??


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    If its like the 250x...un snap the black molding around the gas filler neck (it takes some force, but they are re usuable) and slide it up, undo the chain for the cap by the clip on the end inside the neck. On the other side where you flush the ski, undo all the bolts an remove the hose clamp that holds the hose to the "flush fitting" from the underside. After that, both sides should just snap off it its like the 250x, which I believe it is. I hope this helps.

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    as keith says use a bit of muscle. they will slip off

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    thanks guys!

    Worked exactly as you said.

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