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    Dielectric Grease on Spark Plug Threads

    Well after all my spark plug questions, I still screwed up. I accidently put dielectric grease on the spark plug threads instead of Anti-Seize. Too many chemicals laying around the work bench.

    I assume this will probably inhibit the ability of the plug to do its job. Has anyone else ever done this? The new plugs are already in, so should I attempt to clean the cylinder threads after I pull the greased plugs tonight? I'm not sure how I would even go about doing this. Obviously I will go purchase another new set to replace the ones I just botched.

    Also, what brands of anti-seize are recommended?

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    You just put it on the threads right ? If so do not worry about it.

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    I'd take the plugs out, clean the threads with a rag and some brake cleaner and use anti-seize on the threads correctly this time.

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    Yep, dont use Dielectric grease as anti seize in hot conditions such as there.

    I recommend the same "take the plugs out, clean the threads with a rag and some brake cleaner and use anti-seize on the threads correctly"

    I use Loctite 771.

    just a touch is more than enough. put the "Touch" ner the beginning of the thread, so as it turns in, it works its way along the thread.

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