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    MSX 110 Oil coming out of Exaust HELP

    Hey guys, I picked up a 2004 MSX 110. It Starts and runs fine but Oil starts coming steady out of the Exaust. Im thinking the Turbo is the cause of this. Could I be wrong? If Im right, Does anyone have a link or a few tips on how to Remove the turbo/Exaust from this ski? Poolaris dang sure didnt leave much room to work on these things...Thanks for the help!!

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    Is there also oil inside the air intake sections of the system, before or after the turbo?

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    There is no Oil in the intake side. So its Def not overfilled... I removed the exaust output from the turbo. As soon as i start the engine Oil comes pouring from the turbo outlet. Within about 2 minutes the engine will have no oil left. Which leads me to think either oil is somehow coming from the valves, Or the turbo has a MAJOR internal oil leak.... But I dont know the turbo's to well... Im thinking of pulling the motor mount bolts and flipping the engine sideways to remove the turbo and check things out..

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    if you need a turbo let me know

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