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    Question Where's The American Engine

    I am working on pwc blueprints for a custom build. And was wondering is there a made in the USA engine for pwc? My design calls for an American Engine. Does S&S engine have a PWC motor? Or is Polaris considered American? Rotax, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, and Suzuki the only company's that make PWC motors? Any info would be helpful and Thankyou for your time.:smt100#-o:-k:smt100

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    the red Polaris motor are made in the USA they go from 700-1200 ccs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tour-Roc View Post
    I am working on pwc blueprints for a custom build.

    ...My design calls for an American Engine...
    As far as I know, the Polaris 'domestic' 2-stroke Ficht direct fuel injected engine was the last 'made in the USA' watercraft engine. Polaris PWC production ended in 2004.

    Does it have to be a 'PWC' engine, or can it be a marine engine adapted for use in a PWC?

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    I think the "American Engine" is tied directly to our economy... it went over seas years ago.

    Even the Polaris "domestic" engine parts were Austrian.

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