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    New Food Thread: What`s for supper?

    I couldn`t find the old thread, so here`s a fresh start.
    What`s for supper?

    ahhhh, it doesn`t get any better than this. Turkey chili (left over turkey), Homemade cornbread, beer, mmmm, did I say beer...LOL...

    sitting in front of the tube chowin` down!

    where is beagleman???
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    Just snoozin' on the couch M447's Avatar
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    Bison burgers, mashed potatoes and a garden salad...

    - all gone already...

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    Mcdonalds 1.00 menu.......Damn!

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    I had homemade chili and cornbread last Saturday watching the Tide kick ass in the sec champ game.
    Tell your motherinlaw Roll Tide for me.
    I hope you guys had a good trip back last Sunday.
    It was good to meet you, Doug and Joe.
    Otis said Joe can come back any time.
    Bring on the food

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    Fookin Lean Cuisine (meatballs & noodles). I did down it with 2 Crown & Coke though.


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    well actually it`s for after supper or breakfast or snack:
    it`s in the oven as I type:

    Homemade banana bread!...
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    Just had the family over for red beans and rice. You know the andoui was hot when you didnt need to add any peper or salt. Lookout wallpaper

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    Tonight for dinner I had steak and potato soup, a buffalo chicken sandwich, a few little caesars pepperoni sticks, and sushi. Was up at 6am took 2 final exams and spent the rest of the day in the library, so that was my only meal of the day (at 9pm) other than a couple red bulls. Gotta love finals week meals in college.

    Tomorrow night is venison steaks and potatoes. Got the steaks marinating in the fridge right now.

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    Last night before the banana bread the misses cooked baked ziti bolognese with a spinach, cucumber tomato salad...

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    simple yet good!
    Burgers on english muffins, tomato, spinach, american cheese, onion, etc...
    Homemade homestyle sweet and reg potato fries/chips and white corn, topped off with mmmm beer!
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