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    Winterizing Question?

    First off, I want to thank all the guy who helped me resurect my RXP from the dead -- after ingesting close to a gallon water.

    Took her out a week ago (35* ) and hit its fastest speed of 76.7!

    I live in New England, and it's getting cold here -- fast! For my "winterization", I made a makeshift rig -- A 6ft hose attached to a bottle of anti-freeze, had a friend stand on a ladder, hooked up the hose and turned the ski over until I noticed the pink coming out of the exhaust port.

    Is this suffecient enough to keep my ski from dieing? It was sort of an emergency, I'm double checking my work now.

    Thanks a lot guys

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    u used the hose to the flush port? I normally just pull the line from my strainer going to the in side of the IC and hold it up and pour RV antifreeze into the line till it comes out the bottom of the ski that way u have it in the IC, and the water jackets on the manifold.

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    you're fine. use a 3 foot hose and just sit on the seat and pour it in is enough. always works for me.

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