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    GTXSC seperate water tap...

    here is another Mod I did on the GTXsc, simply bc if the IC core sprung a leak, I can isolate the line and still get back to the dock without further water intrusion, and keep the exhaust cooling as is...

    I lost many pics when my desk top crashed, so here are just a few to share.
    I used the T valve location for the OPAS, since i had the RE`s in place. Also in the fitting in the pump is a 9mm tube restrictor to control pressure and flow. We had installed a water press gauge to monitor water line pressures to come up with that size. Keep in mind that prop size plays a roll in water pressure...
    Fabricated a block off plate where the T valve went, installed an AN anodized fitting for #10 hose. not shown are the hose routings or ends bc i don`t have the pics anymore, but any good hose set-up or full flow fittings will do the job.
    I used the Russel, Earl, Summit fittings because they are less likely to leak and easily disassemble for inspection or working on the ski.

    in the pic with the IC you can only view the inlet line @ the IC.
    I also used the stock bilge outlet that is used on the LTD ski`s, not the non LTD ski`s for an IC water out... this is blocked off from the factory and needs 1/2 drill bit to open up.

    Hose routing, restricted fitting pump>hose to thru hull fitting> thru hull fitting>Hose to Ball valve> Hose to Groco strainer> hose from Groco to IC inlet. IC outlet to OEM bilge outlet... done
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    here is the OEM bilge outlet on the LTD ski`s...
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